Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Witner projects

The garden is finished, the flowers are finished and I am bored! So I have started on my winter hobby - wood working.
My friend redid her kitchen recently and was going to toss out all her old kitchen cabinets, I hate to see anything go to waste so I took them. They're are all the top cabinets (the bottom ones were wrecked getting them out), and all different sizes. She had painted the melamine doors royal blue - not my colour, but other than that they were in good shape.
I decided that I needed a new cabinet in my office as the one I have in there is too old, too big and too UGLY!!! I used the 3 cabinets in this picture the one in the middle with the two door on top and the two smaller ones on the right side.
This is my work room in the basement. It's a little on the small side even though we moved a wall last year, but it works for what I do. Hubby likes it, gives him something to give me for Christmas - more power tools!!!
This is what I ended up with. I repainted the doors to match the avacado colour in the office, built a pine frame and counter top and added glass door handles. I want to add two glass shelves in the middle, but will have to get some glass cut next time I'm in town. It is smaller than the old one but still holds nearly all the stuff that was in it and the best thing is I don't walk into the corner of it everytime I come into the office like I did with the old one.

I still have 3 cabinets left over - I will have to think of some other things to do with them.