Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The kitchen continues......

I decided I didn't like the light mint green I had painted the back splash boards or the hallway beside the kitchen, so I redid them. I tore out the pineboard, bought new ones and stained them. - to get this colour I first put on a coat of Danish Walnut and then a coat of Red Mahogany. Hubby says he likes this much better than the light green, good thing cause I'm getting tired of redoing it! I still have to put on a couple of coats of satin varethane so I can wipe it down.
I painted the hallway the same light mint green as the kitchen, that's when I decided I really didn't like that colour at all. I had painted my office an avacado green, so I mixed the last bit of that with the light green and repainted the hallway. It looks much better, it's not as dark as the office but makes the white trim stand out much better. I may repaint the kitchen (just the wall above the cupoboards and around the fridge with the same light avacado, but that will just have to wait a while, my gardening is getting behind.


  1. This natural wood looks much better against your counter tops. I know this isn't a fun project to do (I've been putting it off) but doing it TWICE is really not fun. What I really need first is new counter tops. They're dark green marbley formica. The sink is also dark green. So, tiling the backsplash means new counters AND new sink. Why is one project connected to so many other ones !!!???

  2. That is what I want too- my dark green counter tops don't go with anything and are UGLY!!. But they just aren't in the budget for a while.