Thursday, November 26, 2009

Doghouses and get rich quick schemes!

So, I decided to make my fortune building dog houses! "How hard could it be," I said to hubby. "We have lots of material left over from the renovations we did to the house and from the big shed you built". "I'll just whip up a couple and sell them via the local trading post on the radio".

I thought I'd build them for big dogs, making the house at least 4 feet long, 3 feet wide and 2 feet high inside, completely insulated good enough for 40 below, painted cedar siding and a shingled roof. Hubby said "Go for it", (he has learned that it doesn't matter what he says, if I get a bee in my bonnet I will do it anyway).

After 3 days of measuring, cutting, screwing together, taking apart and redoing I realized that there was no way I could get this thing out of the basement if I finished it down there, so I had to take it apart once again and drag everything out to the garage to work on it. I also realized that it was so heavy by this time that I couldn't move it by myself!
At this point hubby took pity on me and came to help, he cut the cedar siding and shingled the roof for me. Good thing or I would still be out there! Once it was finished I couldn't wait to advertise it and field the hundreds of telephone calls of folks wanting such a fine dog house. So far I've had said it was too expensive, and two said they would call me back, I'm sitting waiting for that phone to's not ringing - do you think they lied to me!
In the words of Randy Travis "Since the phone still ain't ringing, I assume it still ain't you (them)"

In the meantime I still have enough material to build another one....think I'll wait till this one is sold, no use having 2 doghouses sitting around not being used!

On the other hand I did build a house for the squirrels in the trees next to the driveway - they were very grateful. They have filled it with all sort of neat stuff including stuffing from under the hood of an old car, peanuts and pine cones. I'm glad some one appreciates my!

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  1. Love your wood working projects. Hang in there, someone might buy that great doghouse for their dog for Christmas. :-)