Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's a girl to do....

....when the flowers are gone, the garden is finished and winter is coming? Well, if it's this girl I play with dead people, at least that's what my hubby calls it.

It really started with my search for my ancestors and the web site Find A Grave. There were tons of my family listed on there, all done by volunteers who like me, like hanging out in graveyards. Whenever I get a chance I stop by one of the local graveyards and take a few pictures, load them onto the website. Later when the snow is falling and the winds are howling I can do some research on who they were and maybe help someone else find their ancestors.

Some stories are happy with epitaphs such as "We live together in happiness, now we rest together in peace", some are sad as was little Esther Erickson.
Esther died in 1928 in what some say was a murder/suicide by her father, others say it was an accident and her father was so horrified by what he had done he then shot himself. Maybe one day I will find out the truth. In the meantime her marker was broken and in danger of being lost........
...so I bought her a new one. It was odd even before I knew Esther's story I was always drawn to her grave, and yes, I know the people who made the marker spelled her name wrong, I hope she doesn't mind.

Some stones are just so peaceful like Kerry Haywood's. On the back it says "Gone Fishing" with a picture of a fishing pole and with a fish on the hook. I always smile when I see his marker.

Then there is the unexplained!! I stopped by to start photographing this small cemetery, I took pictures of about 80 graves and a few of them in the middle of the group didn't turn out. Two of children's graves and this one. The picture after this one is as clear as a bell, but this one is blurry and give me your opinion...is that an orb in the middle?
I am hopefully going to get back before the snow flies (I'd better hurry) and redo the few that didn't turn out. I will have to have a talk with ghosts and tell them I'm not going to do anything to upset them and would they please let me take their pictures.

It's OK if you think I'm a bid odd in my hobby, truth be known I'm quite sure my family thinks I'm completely off my rocker.........lol!

It really is a peaceful way to spend an afternoon, just the birds singing, my dog who always accompanies me and maybe, just maybe an occasional ghost.

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  1. I DO see the orb! Yup, you are one sick lady. Historyitis, geneologyitis, I don't know which one you have worse.
    What a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. So calming, it leaves you feeling like you went to church. Like you really walked among spirits. Taking the cemetery pictures and uploading them is a nice project. So many people can't get those these places in person.