Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Bedroom!!

Part of my "clean up the basement" project includes doing something with those upper kitchen cabinets I picked up from my girlfriend. Since the bedside tables I have are old, ugly, brown and falling apart, I decided I needed some new ones.

Last winter I built a new headboard using beadboard pine and white washed it, so I stayed with that style to make the tables.

I started with two cabinets that were 30 inches high, one was 24 inches across and the other 21 inches across and both 12 deep. I repainted the doors a pearlized white and ordered new cut glass handles (which still have to come in).

Added the beadboard pine to the sides of the cabinet with my handy dandy air nailer and put some small feet on the bottom.

Put 3/4" solid pine board on the top that had been well sanded and had 3 coats of satin Varathane.

White washed the beadboard to match the headboard.

Put some decorative boards on the top and back.

And voila! new night tables.

They both have 3 shelves and tons of storage.

The best part is including paint, pine boards, etc. they came in for less than 50 dollars for the 2 of them. This was almost as much fun as finding things at the local thrift!


  1. What a great way to recycle. I love what you did with these two cabinets. And the look is lovely.


  2. So much more storage! Who doesnt love that? They turned out great and I love the headboard. The white matches the headboard better than the old ones. Doesn't it brighten your room up more?

    I noticed the way your walls are painted. The strips of flat and gloss. Its just like mine in my bedroom! Except different color. Did you do that too? I love the way it turned out, but MAN OH MAN I don't want to tape off a room and do that again.

    I had to laugh when I saw the fan. That would SO be my side of the bed.

  3. OK- now I am really inspired. I have several carpentry projects around here, and my husband is not handy with that kind of work.

    Could I do it myself? Maybe so!

    I enjoyed visiting,