Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life is Good?

This picture is taken on April 9th, the snow is all gone, there was water everywhere and the geese were looking for special places to nest.
This is the same area taken on April the 10th! One of the worst blizzards of the year blew in.
This is Suzy Q one of our cows - she is a big cow and standing behind a panel of wind boards to the right. The snow drift in front of her is about 4 feet high and would end up being nearly 6 feet before the storm let up. It blew so hard that it built up drifts both in front of the wind boards and behind them, making it very hard for the cattle to find anywhere to shelter.

This is south of the barn and the snow has built up and covered a 6 foot steel fence along there. Sadly many farmers put out straw on the sheltered side of the fence for their new born calves only to find that the snow had covered them up and suffocated them in a matter of a couple of hours.

Looking towards the barn and corrals from the deck of the house - that's about 300 feet and at times the barn wasn't visible.

The poor birds didn't even try to come to the feeders - the wind was so bad they just hid in the spruce trees till it let up a bit.

They are now calling for temperatures into the 70's for the next week - can you spell flood,
or at least mud?
If anyone asks me what my favorite season is, remind me it's not spring!

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  1. Wow, you werent kidding blizzard!!! Thats darn freaky for April! So sad about losing the babies.

    How did all your animals fare?
    When the wind blows that bad as its snowing, it really does make pretty drifts thought doesnt it? It seems so artsy.

    You will definately have a MESS when all that melts so fast.