Friday, May 14, 2010

Our new family member

This is my dog Mollie the collie, I like this picture cause she looks good. Sadly she has many medical problems - hypothyroidism for which she has been on medication for years. This has caused diabetes and her adrenal gland to shut down, which has now caused her to go blind, loose most of her hair and just last week, to have a mini stroke. While at the vets last Friday, the vet asked if I wanted to take a rescue dog - another border collie. My first reaction was to say "No, I don't want another dog till Mollie is gone". But, Dennis and I talked it over and he thought it was a good idea he knows I'll be a complete basket case when she dies. So after a few days I decided to take her in.
Please meet Reilly a seven month old border collie.
She was taken from a farm where there were two border collies owned by a elderly gentleman who had no control over either one of them. Border collies are extremely intelligent and love to learn, but they MUST have RULES! Luckily the vet (who raises border collies herself), had her for two weeks prior to me taking her and gave her some basic commands such as come, sit and stay.

She is very sweet, timid and submissive, but very eager to learn, sadly I've learned the hard way she is not house trained!! She will run to the door (but then she runs everywhere else too) but doesn't ask to go out. She also - in true border collie fashion - want to chase anything that runs which includes the cats. When they are in the house she's not bad, but if she sees one run across the yard, that's another story.
It seems I have my work cut out for me in the next few weeks, she has lots of learning to do such as no chewing shoes (she does), not digging in the flower beds (haven't seen her digging..... yet) and kitties are not squeaky toys. But, she is a welcome addition to the family and I'm glad I took her.

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  1. It is very nice that you have taken in another dog - hopefully she will learn the kitties are not squeakie toys, though mine like to "squeak" when I don't get up at 4am to feed them