Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apple Blossom Time

It has been so cold here this spring I was worried about my apple tree blossoms, we're still getting the odd frosty night - horror of horrors!
I bought this crab apple and an apple tree last year - the trip home and the transplanting were a little hard on them and they didn't produce. This year they are covered in buds and are starting to open, I'm so excited ( doesn't take much huh!).
I wonder if I'll get enough fruit to make some crab apple jelly..................mmmmmmm!!
My Dad had an apple orchard he started up here, he said he missed the apple trees in Missouri. Folk told him it was too cold up here for anything but crab apples, but he planted the eating kind of apples and they did produce. Now with all the hybrids they are coming out with all sorts of fruit trees - plums, pears, cherries - all to survive our climate. I'll add some more trees next year - maybe a plum tree or two, or cherries. I love cherries!


  1. Crab apple trees are so pretty in bloom. I can remember going to my Grandfathers brothers house in Kentucky. Uncle Carl had an apple orchard. Scarey for a little girl because it was FULL of bees from the down apples. But we would get apples and go feed the pigs.

  2. I love those blooms. I have a Fuji apple tree that I grew from seed, which is in a pot, probably about 4' tall now. I planted it on a whim. I don't think I'll ever get any fruit, living this far south in zone 10, but it's fun watching it grow anyway.

    I really love reading about your farm and your critters.