Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Rose

I had a nice gift last night......
In the beginning - I started school in a 3 room school, with 3 grades in each room, by the time I started grade 3, I had finished it in grade 2! I didn't want to go to the next classroom and leave my friends, so I spent grade 3 helping the teacher. I planted her garden , did janitor work and taught some of the grade 1 students. There were a few Ukranian children who couldn't speak English, so I helped them.
When we moved back up here 5 years ago I met a woman named Helen, when she heard my name she kept saying OMG, OMG, you're Anna's grade 1 teacher! (Anna was her little sister) - seems all Anna remembers about grade 1 was the fact I taught her - which honestly I don't remember much about it. Anyway last night Helen stopped in with a beautiful rose bush, Anna heard that I had lost some of my roses because of the nasty spring and had bought me a new one to plant to say thank you for teaching her all those years ago (45 years to be exact).I think that was just the sweetest thing!

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