Friday, June 26, 2009

Keeping up with the Jones' .....LOL!

I just couldn't resist I just had to show you some of my treasures, most of which I found in a junk pile in the bush when we moved here.
The first one is a steel wheel and laying at the base is a buffalo horn. Hubby found the horn laying in the field when he was tilling.

Next is an old bed headboarad, sadly the climbing rose was one of the casualities of the rotten spring, but it is coming back.

Then an old bicycle tire which make a wonderful peony ring, the legs are made from an old TV antenna.

A cream seperator which I actually bought for 50.00 bucks at a garage sale. I thought of repainting it but I kind of like the distressed look. I have an old rusty cream can that ususally sits under the spouts but as you can see the deck is falling apart and we are supposed to be rebuilding it so I haven't put the can out this year.

And finally my water pump (complete with bird poop), which sits in the rose garden.
I have also found an old hand built wooden wheel barrow (hubby was hauling it to the burning pile horror of horrors). I have to drag it up to the yard and figure out where it is going to go. I'll probably just plunk a pot full of flowers on it this year.

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  1. Pretty funny. You have a beautiful green view. I like the way the deck looks now, but if its not safe to sit on, then what good is it? That tire is a good idea for peonies! Youre headboard is about the same shape as mine too. I think they make a cool trelice. Believe it or not I have an old wheel like that too! I built a tiny little flatbed wheelbarrow around it. The other wheel barrow sounds cool though. I had an all wood one that just eventually fell apart. Loved it.