Friday, January 29, 2010

It's amazing what happens...

...when you get busy!

I have been working on the basement, and have de-cluttered - still have 1 load to go to the dump-, painted and am now beginning to build a few pieces of furniture and add some pictures to the walls. I sold a few items on the local trading post, made enough to pay for the paint and some more pine boards (my favorite building material) and am on the hunt for a large throw rug for the middle of the floor.

The room was white, white walls, white ceiling and cold white (light grey) ceramic floor tiles, I thought I would warm it up a little with the paint colour. There is no natural light so didn't want to go too dark, so I chose a colour called "Hot Buttered Rum" (I'm sure I choose colours just because of their name It looked like a nice golden tan in the store, however once on the walls with the lightening down there it looks very peachy orange. Oh well, I'll work with it.

This is a room that will probably not get used a lot by the 2 of us, mostly it will be in the summer trying to find somewhere cool to relax on a hot day. For that reason I am not spending a lot of money on the remake. I will cruise thrift stores, the local trading post on the Internet, and maybe the odd pawn shop to decorate the space.

It's also odd that when I have a project to work on, my neighbours drop in with requests to build things for them! One lady wanted me to make a little wheeled cart so her mother could wheel her portable heater from room to room in the house, another asked me to build another insulated dog house for him. The doghouse was a lot of work and hubby had to help, but all the money goes to buy "treasures" for the basement.

I'll post some before and after pictures once I get a little more organized down there. I think I'll go with a western/southwestern theme if I can find any decor in that genre in this part of the world.
Wow, I have high hopes!! Trying to buy everything from thrift type stores and still have a theme?!? Is shabby chic still in? I just hope it doesn't turn out shabby unchic!


  1. It sounds like you have done a lot with your basement, and I'm sure you'll set it up and decorate it nicely. Do what you like, who cares if something is still 'in' or not. Those that create the next 'in' phase just cause the rest of us to feel not with it. Who wants to go out spending hard earned $$ on the latest fad, that will fade away into whatever comes next. Have fun. I look forward to seeing pictures.


  2. Dont you love the feeling of accomplishment?! I think a Thrift store theme might just have to be called eclectic. Ya get what ya get. I ALWAYS find things I love at the thrift store, but they dont always go together. The only thing that binds them together is that I LOVE them all!