Thursday, July 9, 2009

Come meet the family....

This is Mollie the Collie - she's the best dog in the whole world. She goes everywhere with me and has been my best buddy for nearly 10 years. Sadly she does have medical problems, she's hypothyroid, diabetic and has skin problems. Still she is always happy and has never growled or even shown her teeth to the vet when she has all her tests done. When she goes over the rainbow bridge I will be a mess! Next is Goof the African Grey Parrot, the one who hates me! Hubby got him as a young bird before we got together so Goof bonded to him and still thinks 10 years later, I'm an intruder.

This is Mooch the bird murdering, mouse torturing, butter licking little kitty. She was dumped off by our gate when she was about 5 months old and is just a little sweetheart (when she's not killing something).

Simba Kitty - brother to Max. They were born to a feral cat at the old place, when we moved up here I trapped them and brought them along otherwise they would have soon died. It took a long time to tame them enough to even pet them, but food and patience paid off. Now they live in the house in the winter and are incredibly spoiled.

Fat Cat Critty - also a kitten of the feral mama from the other place. He is a half brother to Simba and Max but is about 3 years older than them. For some reason he has always been tame, he just moved into our trailer one day, looked around and said, "Well, this looks like a good place to live".

Last but not least is Max the mouser - Simba's brother. Although he and Simba are "house cats" now, they are still a little wild. He will come and curl up beside me on the couch, but if I want to catch him - no way!

Since we have no children, these are our family. Next I'll introduce you to the cows!

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  1. The biggest heart melter to me is Max. Because he looks like my cat I had to put down a few years ago at age 18.(him, not me)LOL. I just want to pick him up and snuggle him. I still have dreams about my cat every now and then too.

    I love the "lazy" look they all have. Like you are come Commoner in their Kingdom there to do their bidding.