Monday, July 13, 2009

More flowers

We must be nuts in this country - we wait 10 months for 2 months of flowers! When they finally bloom we're so excited, I guess we're easy to
This is a favorite of mine the Morden Blush Rose, it's hardy and the blossoms are so delicate, but no smell. The columbines on the north side of the house are in full bloom.

Morden Fireglow Rose also hardy but no smell, it looks a lot like a tea rose with long stemmed blooms.

Buff Pixie Lily

One of the new tea roses Pat Austin, I bought to replace those that died.

A new lily called Cappuccino. I have about 20 different lilies, they grow so well here. I hope to add more this fall or next spring.

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  1. Must take hardy plants for your cold winters. So how come I keep killing my roses here? Attempting roses is something I've just tried in the past few years. I think I need to do more research to keep them. I had this vision of the one by the pergola growing wildly all over it and blooming like crazy. A storybook picture. I've seen like 2 blooms in about 4 years.